Old MS Word Help

Old MS Word Help

by Ben Gruesome -
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Hello, i'm trying to download an 'electronic feedback form' for my Psychology course, as we need to fill it in with our details electronically via microsoft word and then send it back to my tutour along with my assignments. However, the problem is, when i open or save the file, because i don't have the 'new' Microsoft word it won't let me write/type on it or copy and paste the document into my 'old' Word. Is there a way i can get around this without having to buy and install the New Microsoft Word?? Thank you

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Re: Old MS Word Help

by Patrick Pending -


See this from Miscrosoft 


You could download OpenOffice (free) - see link on front page of Moodle.


You could download it and email it to a friend who has a version of Word that can open it and ask them to save it as a Word 2003 doc (they do it in Save As) and email it back to you.


If you give me the module code and identify the document so I can find it, I'll have a look and discuss with your tutor alternatives that may be better for students. 

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