Mahara Journal not saving!!

Mahara Journal not saving!!

by Lianne Mullins -
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Please help!!

I have just edited a journal entry and when I have clicked save it has not actually saved the new text I have just entered.

It has done this twice tonight; the first time I completely lost my information, but the second time I ensured I copied the text in case it happened again, which it has, and now when I re-paste it back in it still does not paste the new text. I have copied it into word and it shows there but just not in the journal text?

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Re: Mahara Journal not saving!!

by Anna Greenhill -

Hi Lianne, 

Sorry to hear you are having problems saving your work. Which browser are you using? Could you try switching to Google Chrome or Firefox please? 

Does that help? I will investigate this further tomorrow morning.


Anna Holloway