email notifications

email notifications

by Susan Rylands -
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Hi , I am headstart mentor and I receive every email notice from the discussion boards, it's running into hundreds now.

Can I turn these off and read in discussion boards only?


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Re: email notifications

by Richard Morgan -


When you are in a forum on the left hand side under settings you should see a link that will let you unsubscribe from that forum and that will stop you recieving emails whane a new post is made,

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Re: email notifications

by Bob Ridge-Stearn -

Further to what Richard has said...

You  cannot unsubscribe from News Forums. (These are special forums for tutors to send out messages).

However, you could filter all such emails straight into a folder (or your trash) if you wanted to.  This video shows how. 

  I probably made it with the desktop version of Outlook but I think it's similar in the web version.  If you have problems, please post here again or google it.