Printing documents at home from Moodle

Printing documents at home from Moodle

by Rebecca Eustace -
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Just a quick query... When I open documents from Moodle on my home laptop it says 'enable editing' I usually click on this button and it will allow me to add notes and print the document but instead it says something like 'this document is from an untrusted source' so then I click 'repair' saying that I trust the source but nothing happens! Any help would be great :) 



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Re: Printing documents at home from Moodle

by Bob Ridge-Stearn -

Good question. It sounds like your browser's security settings won't let you open the file but without knowing what browser you're using I can't give specific info. If you can't add the website to your trusted list I think I would try to download the file, In other words save the file, instead of opening it.  After you've saved it you should be able to open and print it. Can you try that?  In any case we will speak to I.T. Services tomorrow and see what other advice they might have. Sorry you are inconvenienced.

 Bob Ridge-Stearn.

(Head of e-Learning)