Athens login

Athens login

by Jade Perkins -
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I'm currently trying to access journal articles, sometimes I'm unable to do so because they need an Athens login, this isn't on the Newman site so you may not be able to help me. This generally happens if an article is on the IEEE website or a similar one to this. I enter my Athens login but it doesn't work, I was wondering if this was because Newman isn't associated with IEEE or the sites similar to it?


I hope this made sense 

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Re: Athens login

by Janet Smith -

Hi Jade,

I think you may be right, possibly we do not have a subscription to the materials on the IEEE site.

If you can use other Athens authenticated resources, such as the databases on the library eresources from home, then your Athens account will be working. If not, you need to install the permanent Athens cookie (see

For help on the specific items you are trying access I would contact the liaison librarians on or phone them at 0121-476 1181 ext. 2413.

Hope this helps,

Janet Smith

Systems Librarian ( ext 1526