No modules showing

No modules showing

by Louise Johnson -
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Hi Im retaking my final year in education studies and education studies, but my modules arent showing, and the link to enrole isnt there.

Please can someone confirm that im able to enrole on Friday, ive sent several emails to E&A and Student Records.



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Re: No modules showing

by Anna Greenhill -

Hi Louise,

I'm sorry you are having problems sorting this out. Unfortunately in e-Learning,  we don't deal with enrolments so I am unable to help you. However, I will forward this message onto student records on your behalf and hope you will receive an answer soon.

Learning Technologist
e-Learning Department

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Re: No modules showing

by Bob Ridge-Stearn -

Further to Anna's reply...

One thing you could do is check in mynewman to see what modules you are registered onto.
(Go to mynewman and click the Students tab on the left hand side. Also check your timetable.)

That would establish whether you are properly registered.  If not it is Student Records who deal with enrolment, but hopefully Anna's email on your behalf will sort it out.

The other thing that crosses my mind is whether this is caused by a distinction between resitting and retaking.

If you are retaking, yes, you should see your module on Moodle.  However, if you are resitting, you will not be on this year's modules and you should click the link to last year's Moodle and revisit the modules there.

I hope this gets sorted out quickly for you.

Bob Ridge-Stearn
Head of e-Learning