Moodle content for EBITT 2012-13

Moodle content for EBITT 2012-13

by Scott Jones -
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Hello, I am looking for the guidance for the STT modules on Moodle for the EBITT 12-13 course but can not actually find the course details. I am a January course starter so I dont actually complete until December so I am still required to complete assignments.


Can you please advise as to where the details can now be found.

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Re: Moodle content for EBITT 2012-13

by Bob Ridge-Stearn -

Hi Scott,

Sounds like you should be looking on last year's Moodle. There's a link at the top of the Moodle home page, under the Newman logo, to Previous Years' Moodles.

Hope you find what you're looking for. If I haven't guessed right, please let me know and we'll have a search for you.

Best wishes,

Bob Ridge-Stearn
Head of e-Learning.