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I'd be surprised if the Assignment Brief says you should upload that many files. If it does, please email the e-leanring office tomorrow ( and we'll talk to Exams & Assessments and get the Moodle Assignment changed. 

However, my guess is that you have created multiple files for some reason where fewer are expected by your tutor. If they are created in the same applicaiton (e.g. Microsoft Word) you can combine them. If you don't know how, go to youtube and search for 'How to combine documents in Word'.  State the version of Word you are using to narrow the search results. 

Another thing you might do if you have multiple Word documents, is copy the contents from one and paste it into another.  Just doing that reduces the number of files by one.

If you want me to check further, post back stating the module code. Also let me know what type of files these are.

Best wishes,

Bob Ridge-Stearn
Head of e-Learning.