My Moodle: My Courses

My Moodle: My Courses

by Brigit Lowell -
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I should have (at least) MT732 & MT733 on My Courses, but there is nothing there at the moment. Please could you rectify this?  Thank you.

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Re: My Moodle: My Courses

by Anna Greenhill -

Hi Brigit,

I can see on MyNewman that you are enrolled onto PB730 and PB734 (these are the Perry Beaches version on MT730 and MT734). If you think you should be registered onto more modules than this, then you will need to speak to student records to make sure you are enrolled properly onto each module.

I will have a look into why you havent got access to the PB730 and PB734 Moodle modules for you and get back to you soon.


Anna Holloway