Assignment Not Yet Submitted

Assignment Not Yet Submitted

by David Cadman -
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I submitted an assignement yesterday evening at 2235 hours and received an email confirmation of this. I have now logged onto moodle and it states that I have assignments that still need attention and I have not submitted. Could you please offer advise as to what may have happened ?


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Re: Assignment Not Yet Submitted

by Richard Morgan -


What you can see is the late version of the assignement which you have not submitted to as you submitted on time, as per the text above the assignement link you will not see a submission if this is the case.

Your reciept is your proof that you assignement was submitted correctly. 

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Re: Assignment Not Yet Submitted

by e-Learning Office -

Apologies for the confusion. After an assignment’s deadline has been reached it closes another assignment opens (called the Late assignment) so that students who missed the deadline can submit their late assignments.  Unfortunately, Moodle alerts all students to the fact that there is another assignment with a looming deadline.  If you submitted to the original assignment (as you did), you can ignore the "late assignment".

We are aware that is confusing and next year we will be changing the way we operate and having just one assignment for early and late submissions.

Bob Ridge-Stearn
Head of e-Learning.