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Hi. I am on a PGCE course and I have been advised to get a form to switch from a level 7 assignment to a level 6. I was told I could get it from the hub. The hub said I need to get it online. I have tried and I do not know where it is. I am guessing it is on SharePoint but for some reason I cannot get access to share point. It keeps asking for my credentials. I put my details in and it does not do anything. Please can you help me get access to share point or forward me the forms please? Many thanks
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by Bob Ridge-Stearn -

Sorry, I don't know either and this is the IT Help Forum. I suggest you contact your personal tutor (APT) or ask in the School of Education School Office.  I don't understand what you say about signing into SharePoint because you are obviously signed in here and we have a single sign-on system.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Bob Ridge-Stearn

Head of e-Learning