Submission status

Submission status

by Ailsa Lamont -
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Please can you clarify why it appears that I have not submitted for 703A when I got an electronic receipt on 11/05/14. Thank you.

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Re: Submission status

by Richard Morgan -


Above the assignment links is the following text:

• Assignments for electronic submission that appear below will be hidden after their due date while tutors mark them.
• They will be unhidden again when marking is complete.
• Assignments with the word 'late' in brackets after their names only appear for one week after the deadline and are ONLY for students who did not submit before the regular deadline.
• Students who submitted before the regular deadline will NOT see their submission in the late assignment.

The section I have highlighted means that the late assignment is only if you didn't submit on time, if you did submit ontime and if you have a receipt then you are ok. This will be the case for all assignments for all modules.

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Re: Submission status

by Ailsa Lamont -

Thank you, that clarifies that for me.I also need mypast  assignments transfered from 703 and 702 to 703A and 702A , as I changed course and they are in the wrong section.Can you fix this?

Many thanks from Ailsa