Where are my modules?

Where are my modules?

by Katie Leadbetter -
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I am a education studies and media student and my modules are not in my courses. Where can I find them? As I need the handbook for each module I am studying... 



Please help

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Re: Where are my modules?

by Bob Ridge-Stearn -

Hi Katie,

On the front page of Moodle is a document called Information for Students about Moodle.  In it it says:

Missing Moodle Courses.

If you cannot see a Moodle course you are expecting to see, it could be for one of two reasons.

1. You have not yet completed your registration onto the module at Student Records.
You can use mynewman to check which modules you are registered on.
You can contact Student Records on tel ext 6288 or email studentrecords@newman.ac.uk or visit them in The Hub on campus.

2. Your tutor has not made the Moodle course available to students yet.
You can see who your tutor is by looking up the module on mynewman.

I hope this helps.
Basically, you need to contact your tutors.

Best wishes,
Bob Ridge-Stearn
Head of e-Learning