1213_EBITT on moodle

1213_EBITT on moodle

by Elizabeth Garner -
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I have been trying to access the 1213_EBITT course on moodle but everytime i try and go to it i'm asked for an enrolment key! I've tried my Newman user name and tried my password as well but it won't seem to let me in!

Does anyone know what an enrolment key is?

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Re: 1213_EBITT on moodle

by Anna Greenhill -

Hi Elizabeth,

Please try the link again fpr 1213_EBITT and you should get on straight away?

Please let us know if there are anymore problems.



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Re: 1213_EBITT on moodle

by Philip Rooney -


I'm having the same issue - EBITT 12/13 isn't in mycourses and when I search for it, I get the same popup.


Phill R