Opening Moodle Word documents

Opening Moodle Word documents

by Pamela Serpell -
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I tried downloading the Mahara help booklet at home but as it is in a Word 2010 (docx) format and I only have Office 2000 with older versions of Word, my computer couldn't read it.
I have now downloaded it on campus and saved it at a PDF file and e-mailed it to myself but this seems like a long winded way to get the information :o)
Any suggestions for ways to get round this in the future as tutors are now uploading Word documents in docx format and I expect I'll come accross it again with other documents and lecturer's materials?
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Re: Opening Moodle Word documents

by Anna Greenhill -

Hi Pamela, 

You will need to download the Microsoft Compatibility pack from the Microsoft site in order to open docx files in earlier versions of Word. 

Here is a link to download it :

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Anna