viewing pdf

viewing pdf

by Claire Flindall -
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Is there a way to view pdf documents which have been presented as a small window within a web page, in full screen?  In particular in PG628P, core maths, session 2,  there is a document called 'mark making' which is too small to read.  (also timetables in mynewman.)

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Re: viewing pdf

by Bob Ridge-Stearn -

Hi Claire,

Well done for reporting this.  I have changed the settings on that particular pdf file so it forces you (not just you, everyone) to download it.  You can then open the pdf normally and all should be OK.  (Let me know if it isn't).  I'll also alert the tutor to the issue and we'll check all the other pdfs on that Moodle page tomorrow.

Regarding the timetables in mynewman, I've just had a look and I can hover the cursor over the bottom right of the timetable and get a menu that allows me to magnify it or save it.  I'm using Chrome here but think the same thing happens in IE and Firefox. What browser are you using?

Best wishes,

Bob Ridge-Stearn
Head of e-Learning.