Filtering Emails

Filtering Emails

by Patrick Pending -
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How do I filter emails that i don't want in my inbox?

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Re: Filtering Emails

by Nazryn Nock -

Seems like you need to know about email RULES to FILTER unwanted messages.


All you do is right-click an offending message and choose Create Rule.

Here are a couple of videos showing you  -


Those videos show desktop Outlook. Outlook WebAccess is slightly different but the same principle.

After you get into the swing of creating rules you’ll be using them all the time.  You then need to revisit your rules every so often and delete the ones that aren’t of any more use.  This keeps things lean and clean and fast J  To do this just right click any message and choose Rules > Manage Rules and Alerts.

(The above can be done in Internet Explorer.  If you use a different browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Opera) and it doesn't work, you'll have to switch to Internet Explorer temporarily)

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