EN514 problems

EN514 problems

by Daniel Crowter -
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Hi, I'm having some issues seeing a Powerpoint file on the EN514 Moodle page. I think it's called "Assignment Guidance". It was there about a week ago but isn't showing up now so I can't check the file. Would be great if this could be sorted! Cheers, Dan.

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Re: EN514 problems

by Bob Ridge-Stearn -

Hi Daniel,

I've just taken a look at that Moodle page and I can see a PowerPoint called "powerpoint for assignment guidance lecture".

It's not hidden so you should be able to see it.  It's in section 1 under the heading Assessment.  

Maybe you have hidden all the sections by inadvertently pressing the little blue bookmark icon (top right of the section box in the middle column). To see all the sections again, press the two little blue bookmarks (in the same position).

Anyway, here's a link to that PP: Hope it's the right one.


Best wishes,
Bob R-S.