Sharing email distribution lists

Sharing email distribution lists

by Bob Ridge-Stearn -
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How can I share an Outlook email distribution list?

Or rather, how can someone send me their distribution list and me use it as my own?


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Re: Sharing email distribution lists

by Nazryn Nock -

Hi Bob,

Here's how to create a Contact Group;

  1. Sign in to Outlook and click onto ‘Contacts’ (located at the bottom left of the screen)
  2. Click ‘New Contact Group’
  3. Click ‘Add Members’ in the top menu and select where you wish to get your users. E.g. Address Book.
  4. Add the users to the Contact Group by typing the names and clicking ‘Members’ to add them to the list. Once completed, click ‘ok’
  5. Click ‘Save and Close’ in the top left corner of the window.
  6. Your Contact Group will now be in your contacts.

Here’s how to send it;

  1. Go to your Contacts
  2. Right-click the contact group you wish to send
  3. Click ‘Forward Contact’ then choose how you want to send it. E.g. as an Outlook Contact.
  4. Your Contact Group will be an attachment on the email

Here’s how to save a Contact Group you have been emailed;

  1. Open the email (double click the email to open it fully in a new window)
  2. With the email still open, go to your contacts.
  3. Click and Drag the attachment into your contacts.
  4. Your Contact List should now be in your contacts.

Here’s how to use a Contact Group;

You have two options here, you could either;

  1. Type the name of the group in the ‘To’ field in a new email OR
  2. Go to your contacts, right-click the Contact Group and select ‘Create’ then ‘Email’


Hope this helps


Kind regards