About Panopto

  • Panopto is the name of a video platform to which Newman University subscribes.
  • Panopto's main website is at (opens a new window).
  • Newman's Panopto site is at (opens a new window)
  • Panopto is like a private YouTube.

Your Panopto Account

  • Staff and students at Newman automatically have accounts on Panopto
  • Your username and password are the same as to log on to the network

How Newman uses Panopto

  • We use it to record lectures - sometimes by video sometimes using only audio
  • Tutors use it to record messages or lectures from their desks
  • We sometimes use it to record student presentations
  • Staff and students have their own private folders where they can upload video files
  • Students can use the Panopto viewer to watch videos, and make notes on them.

Using the Panopto Viewer

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